New Warzone Sniper Completely Over-Powered?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Call of Duty: Warzone Season 6 has a new sniper, the SP-R 208, and it's quite useful. This sniper is based on the R700 sniper from Call of Duty 4. Quick rundown is the high damage with impressive mobility, fire rate, and bullet velocity. Currently it's the top of its class in regards to sniper rifles. Though, it help to have sights and other easy of life attachments the 208 still comes in handy during close range fights as well. A single chest shot is enough to fully break armor. Also, with a very long 1 shot head-shot range that seems unjustifiably far considering the high velocity and basically no negative stats to this rifle. You might want to add this bad boy into your loadout until Infinity nerfs the power of this cannon. Below is video showing some gameplay with the new SP-R 208:

As you can see the 400 meter hitscan ability is absolutely insane. I don't know if there was minimal testing on this rifle or if they just used the same physics as the arena style games Infinity is used to putting out. Clearly, Infinity did not plan on it being this powerful upon release.


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