Will GTA 6 Map Out The Entire World?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

After GTA 5 changed multiplayer games forever when it brought an entire city to our finger tips without the hassle of constant load screens back in 2013. As we all know the rumors of GTA 6 being in the works currently. Rockstar games is always known to be pushing the limits of the newest and most updated software engines in their games. With the newly released game Microsoft Flight Simulator it only brings to the table one question. Can GTA 6 map out the entire world using the same kind of technology from Bing and Google?

While everyone would love to land their $5,000,000 helicopter on their front lawn in GTA 6, but considering the Microsoft Flight Simulator took roughly 2 petabytes(2,000 terabytes) to map out the entire world. Unless Rockstar develops an algorithm that helps curve the size and world development it would take to create a map to scale of the entire world we better set our daydreams to the side on this idea. However, it could be entirely possible for RockStar to use this real world mapping to completely recreate the cities we've seen in the past like Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and New York. So, if you're fortunate entire to live in one of these beautiful cities maybe you can go park your Inferno in the drive way of your IRL home in game. It has been rumored that GTA will include multi-city maps like the one seen below surfacing on Reddit.

All in all the idea of mapping the entire world is something that we will definitely be seeing more of in the future. So, don't lose all hope just yet, but you might just have to wait a little longer than GTA 6 release.


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